The Selected Head

The Selected Head

When you buy a tripod, do you select the legs and then consider shopping for the head as a separate item? Or do you just accept whatever package the manufacturer decides to box up? Both approaches are valid, but this time we’ll consider someone making a deliberate judgement.

That someone is Carlos – and I showed you his pick of a Leofoto tabletop tripod that can unfold for extra leg length a few weeks ago. He’s not just selecting on an idle basis – he paid out his own spending money for the rig. Now he has picked a particular ball head to go with it.

The Leofoto LH25 is still a small head – in keeping with the size and form of the legs. But it has a massive ball for the size of the head and a very sturdy cage around it. Best of all, it is Arca Swiss compatible with a small grip and a large clamping knob – you can put sufficient pressure on the A/S rail to hold a decent-sized camera body.

You also get something that many ball head manufacturers skimp on – a good locking lever for the main ball. This is a large asymmetrical lever with a repositioning clutch – again you get enough leverage to really tighten onto the ball, but in a minimal overall size.

I really must record admiration for the Leofoto products and for the way the standard of Chinese accessory manufacture has risen so much in the last decade. The goods are worth the money and worth the consideration. Carlos knows his tripods and he knows his heads.

And when it comes time to buy, he picks his knows.

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