Some Ernest Advice

Some Ernest Advice

Ernest advice? Did that slip through the Spell Checker? No, it really is Ernest advice, because it comes from the most experienced technician in the Camera Electronic Repairs Department; Ernest Cesar.

Asked about why Perth’s photographers should have the CE repair department service their cameras regularly, he said:

a.  Contaminants are everywhere. Your car is the dustiest place to change your camera lens – and once the dust particles hit your camera’s sensor, they are there forever – until a professional cleans them off. 

Once-a-year clean is not enough – you’ll be dirtying the screens and sensors as fast as you use the camera. Keep up the cleaning schedule and keep ahead of the task.

b.  “ Waterproof “ sounds well on the literature for action and travel cameras but it is entirely dependent on the seals in the camera body. Unless you know how to clean and reseal a camera, and replace the seals every year, you risk disaster with every dive. You also risk it with every trip into extreme dust. Get a pro to clean and maintain that waterproof promise.

c.  If you’ve been to a dank place – Bali or Brisbane for instance – your camera may pick up fungus spores. Do not bury it deep in a  case and put it in the dark – the spores will grow. Let it sit in sunshine and fresh air when you get back. If you are attacked by fungus on the camera or lenses for goodness sake let a professional repair lab stop the infestation.

d.  Have you seen advice on the internet about repairing your own camera? Consider whether you might go looking for advice on repairing your Swiss watch or microwave oven. Good idea?…or do you still take the watch or oven to an expert?

   After 25 years of loyal service Ernest is retiring and all the team at CE wish him the very best in this journey. Thanks so much for everything you did for CE, cheers mate, a true legend!

  • Ian D M Robertson - Underwater Photographer
    Posted at 14:10h, 24 December Reply

    Cleaning and lubricating the seals on a diving camera is a task that every keen underwater photographer should be able to do – faultlessly. On an expedition, it is a daily task, so it is essential to learn how – through your underwater photography club. Before going on an expedition it is a good idea to get the seals checked by a professional as some seals are small and difficult to reach. After the expedition, before storing the camera, remove the main O Ring seals and store them in a clean plastic bag. Don’t forget to put them back next time! Also do this whenever flying, as some seals do not react well to reduced pressure. A bit of care is always better than having your costly camera turn into a spirit-level!

    • Uncle Dick
      Posted at 07:38h, 26 December Reply

      Thank you for your keen interest and good advice.

  • Kingsley Burton
    Posted at 14:45h, 24 December Reply

    wise advice and Ernest will be missed

  • Bob Litchfield
    Posted at 16:01h, 24 December Reply

    Ernest Retiring? I wish him well for the future & hope to bump into him around the traps. Enjoy retirement my friend & thanks for al of the great service over the years.

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