The Budget

The Budget

Do you have a photography budget? Is it an annual one? Do you have to present it to The House on a special night in the year, and then justify it to the Leader of the Opposition? And are you hounded for weeks afterwards?

This may sound funny, but consider your photographic spending in the light of politics. It might help you to govern yourself better. At least it will make Question Time in The House easier to bear.

Every year you have a certain amount of discretionary money to spend. If you are in straitened circumstances it may not be very much – if you’re luckier, you have more. But for nearly everyone, however much you have, it is less than the makers of new photo equipment would have you spend. Thus you must budget for your year.

The temptation not to do so is strong – I would charge like the Seventh Cavalry if I had unlimited credit. I don’t, so I don’t, and am happier for it. But I still whistle “ Garryowen “ while looking at the new lens cabinet.

In all budgeting, you need to see ahead to what you want to accomplish and then work back from there. If you are going on that fabulous cruise that needs the telephoto lens, put that as first priority, but also explore whether your current lens is good enough for the job.

Look at what you do, and see if you are doing it to your, and other’s satisfaction. If you are, commit the funds elsewhere.

Assess whether additional education would make you a better shooter or printer. It’s not as glamorous as an entirely new camera system complete with a bellows unit…but it might do you far more good.

And don’t forget the surplus. If you really, truly, do not need to spend more on the new Flapoflex WQK system that has just been announced with dancing girls and cheese on a stick…save it and put it toward reducing the deficit or placating the Leader Of  The Opposition. The House will be quieter…

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