The New Spring Hat from Artist And Artisan

The New Spring Hat from Artist And Artisan

The subjects of today’s column will not make you a better photographer. They will not improve the resolution of your sensor or lenses – nor reduce distortion or correct for chromatic aberration. You will not get more dynamic range or depth of field and your bokeh will remain as it has always been. ( Mine is old and fuzzy…)

What will happen, however, is that you will feel happier. Brighter, cheerier, and more stylish. The camera straps you see in the heading image are the photographic equivalent of a new spring hat – and whether you are a Ms. or a Mr. you will look better when you step out with one.

The Artist and Artisan people are a Japanese firm who take the aesthetics of camera straps and add a good deal of craftsmanship. The ends that they fashion for the straps are a good match for the suspension rings and flat loops that the camera makers provide. The straps can be configured for any size neck or shoulder, and the comfort that they provide over the standard ones you get in the camera box can make all the difference between loving what you do and hating it.

No names, no pack drill, but there are a number of camera makers whose expertise finishes at one suspension lug and doesn’t commence again until you come round to the other one on the opposite side of the camera – in between the strap design has been left to sort itself out and the way it does this is to saw through your neck. Test it out for yourself with your heaviest camera and lens hanging round the old neck for a couple of hours. If you feel like Anne Boleyn, it is time to get a new neck strap.

These are polyester – you can gt a version made of silk at a higher price – and come in four colours; red, black, blue, and Euclid yellow. That’s the one that’s my favourite as it lets me find the camera in dim light. Note that the ends are in leather with steel rings.

And that is it – you put it on – you flaunt it – you feel good. And it comes in two sizes to fit all needs. What’s not to like?

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