The Medium Size Plate

The Medium Size Plate

Stepping up in size, weight, and sophistication, we come to the Phottix Nuada S LED panel. Here we gain more lights, a removable battery and separate charger, a tiltable hot-shoe connector, and the ability to change both light output and colour temperature.

The light output and CT change are controlled by one back knob that has a press-in function as well. Note the battery charge indicator – all good things to know. BTW, the metal stand under this panel is not part of the kit – it’s a Gitzo quick release plate that acts as a studio prop.

The first two shots in this sequence were the 5600º K and AWB tests, and the last one is the 3300º K test with the camera set to do that colour temperature.

I call the first two near as dammit and the 3300º ˚ just slightly yellower…by so little as to escape any real notice. LR calls it at 3350º K so that’s pretty darned close.

The light intensity test at ISO 1250 yielded 1/15 sec and f:4.01. Twice the light from the previous small panel. In practical terms, you could shoot at 1/60 of a second and f:2 all night with this combo. More than likely with a longer battery life as that is a big NP50 battery.


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