Are We Ready For A New Screen?

Are We Ready For A New Screen?

Are you sitting there like me while you are reading this*…looking at the screen of an all-in-one desktop computer? Or a laptop? Or an iPad? Or a mobile phone? Or a Dick Tracy Video Watch with the secret decoder feature? And is it the same screen that you hope to be able to produce your AIPP  Winner of the Year entry on?

Ever wonder why you don’t win? It might not be politics – it might be that your pictures make people’s eyes hurt.

I have a deep affection for my iMac and iPad. I own them and they seem to work. I can make them do the tasks I ask, and even return them to those tasks when the software companies update and change themselves like a crab moulting. But I am honest about it – the colours and shapes I see on my screens are not only a rough approximation of what will spit out of my Epson printer. It’s not the computer’s fault, nor that of the printer – it is the fact that the screen is a mighty variable and is better as a communications tool rather than an image monitor.

Up until now I haven’t been fashed about it. I make garish images for preference and the iMac screen can do garish – but if I hope for subtlety and consistency, I will really need a better monitor and more application in colour management. Enter Benq…or is that BenQ?

Whichever, it is the range of monitors sitting at the left back corner of our Stirling Street shop. They are fully suitable for enthusiast and light-pro duty. There’s a good range of them and the one that is attracting my eye is available for under a grand.

The SW2700PT is the one that attracts me – the 27″ size is still suitable for my desk top, even if I move the iMac over to the side to act as the communications screen. They do make a 31.5″ screen but that is pushing the space. The screen has any number of specifications that mean nothing to me…not that they might not mean something to you:

14-bit 3D LUT

<2.0 Delta E

Hotkey Puck………………….( seriously? )

2 x 3.0 USB hub

SD card reader……( actually, these last two I do understand. )

The ability to see what my files actually look like and predict what they will be when I press the print button will be my next step up the digital ladder. I also think it would behoove me to enroll again for one of Adam Monk’s courses on colour management at the Shoot Photography Workshops. I do not covet any AIPP awards but I would like to see my work received well by clients.

The Benq screen may well be the first step to that goal.

*   Huddled freezing in a dressing gown while the cat yowls continuously to go out and come in…


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