Press Release…Then Open Door And Jump Out…

Press Release…Then Open Door And Jump Out…

It’s few enough times we get in our lives when we can have a say in affairs of state. Most of us have never stormed a Bastille and quite a few don’t even get past the CWA cake stall when it comes to voting in elections. In our photographic lives we’re also mostly told rather than doing the telling…but this’ll change this coming Saturday.

The Photo Live 2018 show at the Novotel will have a wide range of speakers, a  wide range of cameras, a wider range of camera sales people, and one lone listener – the person who writes this weblog column.

He’ll be the chap at the table of books for sale – and there are going to be some nice ones this year – but apart from trying to sell these he will be buttonholing the passers-by to see if they read the column, and if they do, to find out what they would like to see written up for the next twelve months. It’s a reader survey conducted in conversation, with the aim of improving your morning read.

If you’ve got a favourite topic – a type of photography, a style of printing,or a special brand…tell him. Let him note it down so that he can run up some fresh topics in 2019. If your special interest amounts to a hobby horse – that’s fine. People who are keen on something are the people who can actually achieve something. Share your passion!

One thing with Photo Live – there are no dull sections of the Novotel ballroom – something of interest is crammed into every corner. From trade displays with new gear to organisations for photographers and exhibitions – from guest speakers and workshops to the refeshment stand. And goods for sale – Camera Electronic has on-the-day show specials as well as examples of all the sorts of little gear that people want. Bring money. Leave it with us.

It’s a fair. No animals in the petting zoo, but lots of stalls and things to see. And think up a topic you’d like to see for the column in the coming year.



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