Lions, Grizzlies, or Humming Birds?

Lions, Grizzlies, or Humming Birds?

No, it’s not a dinner menu. It’s news of a great opportunity for landscape and wildlife photographers next year – it’s one of the kickers in a unique photo tour for 2019.

Dennis Glennon Photography is the firm running the tour under the name Iconic Imagery. Instead of the usual round of African game parks or Alaskan grizzly bears, this tour offers…South American Humming Birds…and as many fabulously coloured mountains and waterfalls as you can fit into your viewfinder.

You have to go to South America to see them – to Patagonia – and you’ll be going in the March/April autumn slot next year. The basic tour is two weeks but there are extras like the pre-tour trip to see the Humming Birds.

Images of the area are shown on the promotional website page:

And they look fabulous – far better than anything that Alaska or British Columbia can dish up. This is one of those times when too much colour is not possible – the autumnal tints are practically unbelievable.

The travelers on this tour will be able to access a full range of Canon digital photographic equipment – professional camera bodies and L series lenses, and will have the personal assistance of Jay Collier ( Canon Austalia ) and Hougaard Malan; professional photographers.

The details of costs, itinerary, times, and official requirements are all avaiable though the Iconic Images website.

It is the sort of out-of-the-ordinary photographic venture that will never be repeated amongst all your camera club-mates – only 14 people get to do it. The images that you will bring back will stand out above the ordinary landscape or travel shots for years to come

Truly a once-in-a-lifetime experience. And even if you are fascinated and get too close, you are unlikely to be mauled by a Humming Bird…

Note: The heading image is pinched directly from Mr. Glennon’s page. What can we say, but WOW!







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