The Old Folks Whoopin’ It Up

The Old Folks Whoopin’ It Up

Or more precisely, the Friday presentation by Telstra and the Seniors Recreation Council Of Western Australia at the Loftus Centre. I was asked by Saul to take a trade stand from Camera Electronic to help out Martin and Dawn Yates and I am very glad I did – it was a lot of fun.

The main tenor of the morning was Telstra explaining the new NBN and telephone services – Martin had a good segment on mobile phone use for photography – and it was aimed specifically at senior people. As I is one of them, I can appreciate the time taken and the style of presentation. I tried to do the same for the people who visited our table with photographic enquiries.

We ran a free draw-for-a-camera box – and the resultant presentation of a Canon IXUS 185 should make the lady who won it very happy – it will be a good combination of automation and clear photos for her. You can do a very great deal with the modern compact camera that even the professional users of more complex equipment stumble over. I told her to keep it in Auto for the first two months but to – in the worlds of an old CE employee – ” Go out and go mad…”. Doing can teach more than teaching can do.

Mr. Yates was cheerful in it all – even when I photo-stalked him. He will be running some dynamite classes for seniors to help them with internet safety and scam-busting, and I hope to have a stand at his talks selling gold bars wrapped in newspaper…

One thing I did come away with from the morning with was the knowledge that our seniors are not dull, nor lacking in drive. I passed out CE notepads as much to get our address into people’s hands as to jot things down. I described the classes and features available at Shoot Photography Workshops. And it wasn’t seed on stony ground.

If you are not fortunate enough to be old, you can still benefit from CE’s approach to photography. Come in and talk to the staff and get them to expand upon their favourite photographic topic. They’ve all got one, and once you get them started it’s as good as a show.

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