Welcome To The Top Of The Tree – Part One – The Brand Name

Welcome To The Top Of The Tree – Part One – The Brand Name

So good to see you here – out on this limb, so far above the ground. Nice to have company.

Don’t jiggle, people. It’s not that strong a limb.

I’ve asked you all here to discuss the business of names in the photo trade – or more specifically, brand names. You may all be a little surprised to learn that each one of you has a brand name. You might not have it printed on the outside of your package or plastered on the back of a bus, but it is there for people to see nevertheless. And this applies to you whether you are making pictures for money, love, or to crush your enemies and drive them before you.

The outright professional workers who run a business and sell a product have long recognised this. The smart ones make sure that everyone in town recognises them. They pay out a great deal of money to appear on the backs of buses and in as many publications as they can. Aside from the law court reports, nearly any publication is good news. They also schmooze, booze, and use…artistic language…to make sure that everyone knows who they are. Some are wizards at social media promotion, and some just hire wizards.

The outright amateurs who never get paid in money or honours are on the other end of the scale and might not think that they have a brand name. They do, however, and they need to promote it to win the regard of all they meet. They can save on the bus ads, but they would be well advised to stand around at the photo events and occasionally stand a round to make people remember them fondly.

The middle-grounders are in the most delicate position – by middle-grounders I mean the people who get paid occasionally for small-scale jobs and events but who do not make a habit or a living of it. They like to thought well of, as we all do, and need to look good. They may look with a gulp at the prices charged by the promotional agencies, but some self-promotion is good. Websites, blogs, and participation in community affairs is the best way to do this. Club membership is also nice, but you won’t be selling to them. They won’t be buying.

But what do you do to make your brand name stand out from others? Tune in tomorrow and find out.*

*  Suspense is always a good ploy.

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