The Portrait Window Is About To Open – FIPP

The Portrait Window Is About To Open – FIPP

Get busy. The window of opportunity is about to shoot up and let you climb into a good thing. The Fremantle International Portrait Prize.

Every two years the FIPP organises an on-line competition for portraiture. They receive entries, accompanied by a small fee, from all over the world and consider them in the light of several categories of work. Professional and careful judging, I might add – Judges who are prominent in the profession and knew what they are seeing.

There is a long list of possible winners published to keep interest up…then after a further period of consideration a short list…and finally an invitation-only awards ceremony and unveiling of the pictures in Fremantle. Later there is a a general exhibition of the images at a gallery in Fremantle.

Prizes? No small consideration; $ 12000 in money and goods to be awarded from Arthritis and Osteoporosis WA, Nikon Australia, EIZO, and Cygnet Bay Pearls. Money not needed to continue FIPP goes to Arthritis and Osteoporosis WA  – a very good charity, indeed.

Photo Credit: “Rain boy” by Goran Jovic – 2013 Winner FIPP2

The time line is:

12 June – Opening of the entry portal.

11 August – Closing of entry portal.

4 September – Publishing of long list.

1 October – Publishing of short list.

21 October – Award ceremony and unveiling of winners.

21 October to 5 November – Public gallery exhibition of portraits.

We urge all portraitists, would-be portraitist, and enthusiasts to enter this. The two points of best initial contact are the basic web addresses:       and     web@fipp2017.0rg

They both work, and they both contain  links to details of the competition and some examples of past work. This is a real competition run by real people and there are real prizes!

Time to get real – click here to find out more!

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