Tell Us Which Camera To Use


Tell Us Which Camera To Use

“Hey, Mister. Tell us which camera to use.”

That’s right. You’ve got it…

“What do you mean I’ve got it”.

You’ve got the answer. You said it yourself.

“I said tell us.”

Exactly. The ancient Greek word telos. It means the end to which you are proceeding with your photography – that is what tells you which camera to buy.

Think of your finished picture. How big is it going to be? If it is A4 or smaller, you can do the business with any camera we can sell you. If you need it to be A3+ size you’ll need an APS-C or Micro 4/3 camera. If you need it to be A1 or A0 you’ll need a full-frame camera.

Then think of the activity. Slow speed – anything. High speed – a specialist camera.

Then think of where you’ll be. In a studio – any camera is fine. On a long tourist trip or up a mountain means the lighter the better. Wet or windy or cold? Look to the weathersealed ones.

All means to an end. And there is one thing more – the price. Do you have the money to afford the most expensive cameras or should you cut your optical coat to suit your financial cloth…?

Well, go ahead…telos…

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