The Three C’S – Bringing Order To Disorder


The Three C’S – Bringing Order To Disorder

We at Camera Electronic love order and abhor disorder and therefore we are in complete accord with the desires of the Manfrotto company to bring organisation to the studio. Here are three items made by Manfrotto to do just this.

They look like little white plastic C’s with added lumps. They are from three separate Manfrotto packets – the 064, the 206, and the 093. They’re referred to in the catalog as cable clips in the three sizes.

You know how the electric mains cable for the studio monoblock heads is plugged into the back of the heads and then dangles down to the floor? And curls itself around your leg when you are just standing there doing nothing? And pulls you to the ground? Those of you who saw the film “Anaconda” will recognise the circumstance instantly.

Well these three sizes of cable clip prevent this. They attach to the different-sized tubes of a Manfrotto light stands and the little channel at the side carries the AC wire up and down close to the stand. The wire can slip up and down as you adjust the stand and only allow it loose when it is close to the floor.

They are not expensive accessories, but as measures to promote studio safety they are priceless.

Note that the Manfrotto catalog thinks the other two round holes are to put allan keys in. Heaven knows whether this is the case…

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