The Electronic Block Head


The Electronic Block Head

 You’re not going to get Leica SL all week – here’s a column about something else entirely.

Today’s cameras use a lot of batteries – particularly if the user:

1. Shoots lots of video.

2. Reviews every single image for five seconds.

3. Takes 5000 images when 5 would do.

Take the gentle scolding as you like, but if you are using a lot of Sony or Olympus battery power these days you are doing a lot of charging – and the little battery chargers that you get with the cameras can only deal with one circumstance at a time. Unless you are prepared to get up repeatedly and change batteries, all night, you need help. Here’s Hahnel help.

The Pro Cube is a power block that can be configured to charge tow lithium ion batteries at one time. It is 12V DC in or connection to a USB portout. The blocks themselves are interchangeable to allow for the following batteries:

2 Sony NP FW 50
2 Olympus BNL-1
2 Olympus BLS-5
2 Sony NP BX-1
4 rechargeable AA
many mobile phones and smart tablet batteries inside their own casings – that’s the USB connection

As you’ll see from the open box, there is a pin connector that allows each module to get the proper voltage from the basic electronics inside. You access it with a small pin or paper clip and each rack clips in or out. The AA plate drops onto the top of the cube and sticks there with a couple of samarium magnets.

There’s a small LCD screen with a diagram to let you monitor the charge state.

Well-built – metal casing and all, and comes with AC plug as well as a car cigar lighter connection.

Hats off to Hahnel for capitalising upon the need for battery charge – they save more people each year.

STOP SCREEN! The shop now has these Hahnel products that are suitable for Nikon batteries too! Different colour pack but same product. Ask the boys for a look at them.

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