Oh My…..


Oh My…..

Thank you for that phrase, George. It is most useful.

One of my work colleagues has just shown us a video of a Kentucky Fried Chicken bucket that also features an instant photo printer in a bottom compartment. We guess that it is the mechanism from the Fuji Instax printer adapted to the purpose.

On top of the bucket – fried chicken pieces. You eat them and grow fat. At the bottom – a printer that takes a WiFi signal from a mobile phone and then prints it out on the Instax self-developing film. You print things out and grow nostalgic. Hence the name: KFC Memory bucket.

It’s being shown as a promotional feature for the firm in Canada and they are mooting whether to award a few as prizes in some sort of competition. Commercial release? Your guess is as good as mine as long as it is “no”.

While normally enthusiastic about all sorts of photography, and some sorts of fried chicken, I cannot see the connection here. The memories one might have of Kentucky Fried Chicken in Canada – and mine range back to 1959 – have little to do with the company name or the product these days. Chicken enthusiasts here in Western Australia can trace  their own memories back to the early 70’s and they too may see some disparity between what was flogged at the corner of North Lake Road and Canning Highway then and what you get locally now.

It has also been pointed out that the close proximity of printer and greasy thighs may tend to degrade the images…not to mention the thighs…

It conjures up the combination of other manufacturers and photography in collusion. Leica and Duckstein Brewery. Canon and cannelloni. Fujifilm and the sushi train. Food photography where the dish photographs you…

May I use the Oh My…. one more time, Mr Takei?

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