Fillum Up With Fillum


Fillum Up With Fillum

I’m not just writing this blog post to use that pun, but you do have to admit it is quite attractive…

So – let yourselves be attracted to the back of the shop – the fillum fridge – and note that we have quite a variety in a present. I see 35mm and 120 black and white and colour  – both negative and transparency. Good stuff too. Kodak, Ilford, Agfa, Fujifilm.

All you need is a fillum camera and we know you have any number of these out there in your cupboards. And fillum cameras are pretty long -lived as cameras go. All the way from the Agfa Isolets and Clacks to the Contarexes and Leica M’s and all the way from the Ensigns to the Hasselblad 500’s….they all were sturdily made and a lot of them work just as well now as ever they did. You can bet on the Leica M’s.

Sick of worrying about charging lithium-ion batteries? Sick of worrying about backup from a card while on the go? Good enough photographer to get the picture in three shots instead of three hundred? Well, get out the fillum camera and off you go.

Processing can be done by you – and we have B/W gear to help with this – or by Fitzgerald Photo labs or other fine photofinishers. You can scan negs and transparencies and then computer at them until you fall unconscious. The world is your lobster, as Arfur Daley would say, and with fillum you can store the resultant neg, slide, or print with far greater certainty that it will survive the next thunderstorm or hard drive crash. And it’s damn hard to steal your images if they are hard-copy to start with.

The fillum fridge keeps the stuff cold and fresh, and now is the time to take it out into the landscape – while it is cold and fresh. Or into the studio where there is a coffee pot and biscuits.

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  • Matt Thomas
    Posted at 10:44h, 15 September

    I don't know about a studio with coffee and biscuits but I did hit up your fillum fridge this afternoon (just one roll, I admit) to feed my curiosity vis a vis my Zeiss Ikon I acquired at a jumble sale goodness knows how long ago. Many thanks to the gentleman who helped me load it in; I look forward to what develops (awful pun intended)

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