Here Come De Judge


Here Come De Judge

I was given an interesting task over the weekend – judging a small photo contest that was part of a recent photowalk. It was a pleasant interlude for Sunday afternoon and I quite enjoyed myself. I likened it to reading a photographic magazine without the advertising
copy between the pictures.

I get enough of that everyday here in the shop – Heck, I write the stuff – no need to read it on the weekend.

But back to the photo walk. Rob Masters organised it in Cottesloe a couple of weeks ago and from what I can gather it was enjoyable for the participants. Certainly the weather looked fine in the photos and the participants seem to have had a reasonable variety of scenes to work with.

Their brief was to capture pictures of “water” and “architecture”. Having that sort of direction is invaluable for any contest – because it makes the participant concentrate their vision. It is the same as an advertiser sending out a brief for an illustration or an editor sending a photographer out on an assignment – and it means that the contest judge has a form into which he finished image can be set – to see if it complies.

Don’t think that makes for cookie-cutter judgements – there are still all the other aspects that can be considered – but it does shear off the wayward sort of photographer who just shoots willy-nilly and serves it up as art. If they ask for water, give ’em water. If you can’t find water, make water…

The two winning images were not perfect – and some of the ones that did not win were. But the winners made me want to see more of the architecture and the water at the place – and that is what sells magazines or architecture or water.

Heading image: Melbourne Cricket Ground main stand during the Brisbane floods…

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