Well I’ll Be Damned – Probably Next Month


Well I’ll Be Damned – Probably Next Month

My surprise is occasioned by discovering that I am to be a judge for a photo contest. I have just read the Google+ posting for Rob Masters’ Photowalk through Cottesloe later in the month and find I am to be the one to assess the images afterwards. Photowalkers would be well advised to consider that I am a strict judge but I bribe easily. Hint: baked goods…

Okay, apart from that, here is the spiel for the Photowalk:

Date: June 27th

Time: 2:30PM

Place: Grant Marine Park – corner of Marine Terrace and Grant Street, Cottesloe.

Event: Social photowalk with Rob Masters to explore some of the architecture and the depiction of the water scene of Cottesloe.

Rob will be taking people of all skill levels with him as he discusses the features of the area and helps them to capture great images. Dan from our shop will be with him and have some interesting equipment for people to try. There are several hostelries to which the walkers may repair after sunset for discussions.

The two photo contests will involve capture of the best images of the local architecture and the water scene. Apparently I am to judge the entries and winners will have them printed in good size by Dots To Spots printing.

The Google+ posting seems to have muddled the dates for the judging and the announcement of he winners…I suspect it will be early July rather than early June as early June has already gone…Never mind – it will be fun anyway.

See for yourself – type this in:


I am looking forward to the event. And the bribes. Cinnamon buns…

Uncle Dick

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