The Reverend Uncle Dick’s Hour Of Power…with Toshiba and Powerex


The Reverend Uncle Dick’s Hour Of Power…with Toshiba and Powerex

Mah Frens, Ah can hear you out there a’groaning under the weight of sin! Ah can hear you a’groaning under the wait for your electronic flash to charge up!

You-all will have to cope with the former as best you can ( Hint: Adjust the sin so that it hangs evenly over the  shoulders from the front to the back.) but Ah can relieve you of your sorrow with the latter.

If’n you want the fastest solution to the problem, git the Toshiba AA batteries. They are cheap – $ 2.40 for two – and will generally fire off about 150 shots in a standard electronic speed-light. But sometimes they go for much longer – Ah fired mah Fujifilm EF-42 flash about 315 times last Sunday and the batteries still have power.

If you-all want to save money in the long run, you can git the Powerex rechargeable cells in either 2700 mAh or 2400mAh. You’ll have to ask Ernest why they are different but they all work pretty well and you can just keep putting electricity into them between jobs. Powerex make big ol’ chargers too.

Avoid the cheapie 300-packs that you can get in Woolies and $2 shops. They have abou as much electricity in them as a lightnin’ bug on a string and if they leak in your flash you are in real trouble.

Which leads me to Mah next sermon…

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