Own An Ona


Own An Ona

No need to spill your camera on the ground – Ona is here with the strap you need.

If you have been frustrated with the selection of camera straps available until now – too hard, too plain, covered in brand names, too narrow, etc., etc. – then prepare yourselves for a treat. The Ona company have sent us three new ones from their premium range.

The Presidio style is made in either waxed cotton fabric with leather end attachments or in a much fancier all-leather version. Apparently the leather is tanned by Italians. A valuable point, that.

The Lima style is similar to the Presidio but seems to be in a khaki fabric and a lighter brown leather – presumably for use before 5:00 PM or in tropical climes.

The fittings are top-quality and the straps do sit very well round the neck or on the shoulder – and they definitely add value to your camera.

I shall be reporting on their bags in another post.

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