Epson Money Train Ready To Go


Epson Money Train Ready To Go

One of the most addictive and attractive video games at the Sydney Star City Casino used to be something called The Money Express. Whether you ever won anything or not*, it was worth feeding dollars into it just to see the graphics on the screen.

Well, Epson also have a Money Express starting up this month. They are offering a cashback for their Epson Stylus Pro R3000 inkjet printer. The scheme started on the 1st of October and is running until the end of December – just in time for the Christmas season.

Basically, you purchase one of these fine A3+ printers here at the shop, then contact Epson on-line with the serial number and date of purchase. They send you back $ 300.
 Simple as that.

Then you grab some Ilford Galerie Smooth Pearl A4 paper from us – at a bargain price – and print until your family begs you to stop**. The printer is a smooth performer – I have one in my computer room as well as one down here at work. Four keystrokes on the average file and a minute later you have an A4 picture or advertising sign. You have no idea how comforting that is down here…

The printer does not take up a big footprint – it does not make a lot of noise – it does not shake from side to side – it does not suck up a lot of electricity. And now you get $ 300 back in your pocket.

Reach for your wallet.

* And you never did…

** And you never do…

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