I Saw That – I Read That – I Heard That – I Found That…


I Saw That – I Read That – I Heard That – I Found That…

The internet is a marvellous invention…apparently by Al Gore…who is warm, globally. I read that on the net on ALGORythyms.com.fj. Great site, if you don’t mind the pop-up ads for plumbers in your area.

Anyway, some of you may be reading this right now on the internet. It is also available on the back of pre-packed salads from your local deli. Hint: avoid the Geek Salad. It is not a typo…

Now back to the program. If you read anything on the net it must be true. And you can use this truth to compel people in shops to lower their prices. Doesn’t work in the Post Office or  pre-packed salad shop but camera stores are easy. You can also use what you read to give you signpost for what to do with your camera. Just be careful to look along the signpost and then go the other way.

Okay, let’s get serious. The forums have given everyone a chance to have an opinion but many of those opinions are not backed up by practical experience. They are the photographic equivalent of race-course touts telling you where to place your bets. If you are inclined to follow their advice, so be it. Just be prepared to look at a lot of departing horses…carrying your money.

Better advice is, make your own decision based upon your own findings. You can bring a memory card here to the shop, clip together an outfit you wish to test, and make a card’s full of different shots. Take the images home, look at them n your system – at 100% magnification. See the results for yourself, and formulate your own opinion.

Then act on that opinon. Your eyes can see and your brain can think

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