Print Your Own Money…With An Epson Cash Back


Print Your Own Money…With An Epson Cash Back

Whoa! Before the AFP and the Reserve bank tactical squad knock on your front door with a fire-axe, let me clarify that headline…

Epson have got a great cash-back offer for you right now – and we’re in on the deal – that will let you take home a top-quality A3+inkjet printer and get a healthy chunk of money back in your hand. Better still – if you combine the purchase of a printer with a set of inks, the cash back doubles.

The printers we have in-store right now are the Epson Stylus Photo R3000. They do sheet paper, roll paper, CD’s, and thicker media. They connect easily to any computer system. They are filled with Epson K3 ink and do a fabulous job. i should know – I have one at home that was paid for with my own money…and I spent a cheerful couple of hours last night printing out 5 x 7 images for inclusion in a photo book. Every image was spot-on and no paper was wasted.

Okay – here’s the deal. This cash back is available from now until the end of September 2014. You purchase an R3000 from us and contact Epson on-line – they refund $ 250 to you. If you purchase an additional complete set of the K3 inks for the printer at the same time you are entitled to an additional $ 250 back. That’s $ 500 back in your pocket.

Or if you want to do different mental arithmetic, you’re getting a complete set of ink for just $ 105. However you cut it, you get value for money.

We’ve got a stack of the printers here right now. EOFY is coming. Break out the petty cash and come in here and benefit.

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