Share Seamlessly Amongst All Your Devices With Drobo


Share Seamlessly Amongst All Your Devices With Drobo

I love advertising. I can’t pass a billboard offering worm powders for budgies without experiencing a thrill – and the desire to spend money on worm powder. I don’t have a budgie but wouldn’t it be great to be prepared for one – just in case…

The same can be said about camera advertisements. I still keep a stack of pictures of 35mm systems from the 1970’s under my pillow, and pull them out and stare at them. I cannot focus on the bellows close-up system for too long – I have to peek at it and glance away. The image is too powerful and I have been known to faint and fall to the floor. I’m sure a lot of the clients of our shop feel the same way.

Given this susceptibility, can you imagine how the advertisement for ” Share Your Images Seamlessly To All Your Devices ” affected me. I looked around wildly – the television, the computer, the mobile phone…the toaster, the vacuum cleaner, the croquet set…the world whirled. Digits everywhere.

I am terrified. What if I cannot escape the march of the images? What if every time I look into the mirror I see something different in the background. I am just now getting used to the old balding guy in there ( and he’s getting more HDR as the years go on ). If he starts being backed up with a paddock full of ghost gums or a harbour full of French fishing boats all hell will break loose.

Will the images from my Drobo sneak out of the hard disk and seep over into the neighbour’s house? Who knows – I can’t watch over them all the time. They might be going out and having a better time that I am. they might come home late and covered with chromatic aberration.

I have long become resigned to having every blessed thing I do monitored by management, the CIA, the NSA, Mossad, The KGB, and Coles-Myer. Which reminds me, I must look out my KGB card as they are doing a 2 for 1 sale this weekend in brainwashing. I’ve seen the state of my brain and it could certainly do with a rinse. But I do hope that the pictures can be left alone.

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