Are You Infra – Ready? Our Repair Department Can Help


Are You Infra – Ready? Our Repair Department Can Help

Thomas has asked me to remind readers of this blog and Facebook that Camera Electronic is able to convert an number of DSLR cameras to infra-red operation.

It will be a deliberate decision on the part of the camera owner since after it is done, infra red is all you can record on that sensor. But what a step into the universe! Infra red is an entirely different set of wavelengths from the ones that you normally use to see. Unless you are a Hollywood science fiction monster, you will never see the world in infra red…unless you photograph it.

Oh, wait. I’m wrong. Some of the WWII sniperscope outfits and tank sighting devices were infrared. Crude but somewhat effective. Certainly superceded by modern starlight scopes but they did exist. But back to Camera Electronic.

Ernest has a number of filters that cut visible light at various points and this means that once he has modified the internal sensor in your camera, it will be able to see and record what you cannot. The conversion costs a bit – ask the repair department for a quote – but the good news is that the best cameras for it are older types – ones that attract very little price in the secondhand market. You might have a gem in your camera closet that is no good for regular work but would be perfect for the IR.

Get set for black skies and white trees. And animals with amazing eyes…

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