A Wedding Puzzle…


A Wedding Puzzle…

I spoke recently with another person in the wedding business…in this case a celebrant. We compared cases and discussed what happens with wedding photography.

She mentioned that she was surprised recently to discover how much one of her bridal couples were to be charged for their photos. I assured her that the number she mentioned was not exceptional – one of our shop customers who also does weddings charges even more. In the case of our client and also, I suspect, in the case of the other photographers, the results are so beautiful as to largely justify the cost.

I was also encouraging to her in respect of the delivery times that were promised – well in line with efficient industry practise. All good.

What did surprise me as much as it did her was hearing that there might some reluctance on the part of the photographer to work with other people in the industry. I had never heard of this before. Perhaps I misunderstood…surely each person in a chain of service for a bridal couple  is their own operator and contractor. Unless there were personal problems surely professionalism would prevail.

Anyone heard of this idea before?

I did reassure my friend that she was one of the 5 essential people at a wedding – the bride, the groom, the two adult witnesses, and the celebrant. And that she was the licensed state official for the period of the event. All the rest of us are just peripheral to this, no matter what our advertising might say…

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