New Fuji – Wooo….Geee….


New Fuji – Wooo….Geee….

Did goe to the launch night of the new Fuji X-E2 camera laste night and was greatley entertained.

The man who heads the sales for Fuji nationally – and the man who heads the sales for Fuji in this state brought a man who uses Fuji to shoot wonderful documentary essays through out the world. They also brought the new Fuji X-E2 cameras – black and silver bodies and kit sets as well.

The speaker, Mr Piccone has been a photojournalist and a documentary photographer for decades – and has chosen to take some very confronting images in dangerous places. He showed a moving anti-war essay on the screen as part of his presentation but then had a happier message as well – he uses the Fuji X system in Thailand and Cambodia and was able to show some charming things as well. he certainly likes the X-Pro1 and the X 100 cameras – and has taken a shine to the new 23mm f:1.4 lens. We let him have one to show but we made sure we got it back…

Quite a turnout amongst the Perth street photographers too – To their credit they polished off the sushi and a great deal of the cheese platter but they were very well behaved during Mr. Piccone’s presentation. And they didn’t ask funny questions afterwards – they were quite to the point. I was proud of them!

Note the little report pictures are also taken on a Fuji camera – EXR mode and literally point and shoot. makes it easy to gather images for the web.

Final note – the Fuji X-Pro1 isn’t meant to be a diving camera but we saw a film of Mr. Piccone sprinting through the rain in Cambodia with one in  hand – possibly he misjudged the weather forecast- apparently the Fuji survived as well as he did…

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