Lighten Up On Monday Morning


Lighten Up On Monday Morning

So, it’s been a big weekend, has it? Feeling a little wrung-out, are we? Tired and emotional during the weekend?

Perhaps it was the effort required to haul 100 Kg of camera equipment to the BBQ that did it. That weatherproof pack with the automatic rain cover and the tripod strapped on the back in case you needed to do a quick award-winning landscape photo while the snags were cooking. The pack with the integrated water bladder, in case you were trapped more than 200 metres from a Dan Murphy’s…

Bit of a pity that you didn’t get a chance to take all your cameras and lenses and laptop out of the pack and hook up the tethered cables – it would have been the hit of the night. They could have done selfies in HDR at 36 megapixels and 120,500 ISO. And the waterproof feature of the bag would have been useful after the third slab of VB…

Steel yourself to look at the illustration of the back pack. If the background colour is a little hard to take, just think of Berocca…The interior colour is absolutely correct – KATA have realised that photographers work in dim spaces, not a few of them mental spaces, no I never said that, and the black-coloured equipment that the Pro’s use is easy to lose in the black-coloured bags. So the made it bright yellow and clean and soft in there. You might still be grubbing around desperately trying to fish out the fisheye but at least you’ll be able to see it.

The rest of the bag is tough but light – it has a set of human-shaped straps that will not dig into your diaphragm, and it has enough interior space to take anything that you could humanly need on a tourist holiday or a your next BBQ. Including the Berocca.

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