Happy New Year To All – Eh?


Happy New Year To All – Eh?

Here’s a traditional New Year saying for today, the 13th of February:

” I’ll be darned, eh?”

If you meet a Canadian today, be sure to greet him or her this way. It is also considered to be good luck for the coming year if you scratch the back of your head and then just stand there – a lot of this goes on today in Canada and so far it has worked. The country has not been overrun with elephants.

As you’ll hear in the news, this is the Year Of The Moose, and there will be a lot of decorations around Perth in the Canadian restaurants and bars featuring a moose theme. Stuffed heads, antler hat racks, Rocky and Bullwinkle tee-shirts – the whole commercial thing. And of course there will be the traditional moose dinner tonight. Tables all over the metro area will be groaning with the rich, heavy roasts of this delicious animal. And they will be groaning for months – there is a lot of good eating on a moose. Along about July 1st the youngest child at the table will ask the traditional question as the steaming plate of moose rissoles is served yet again…” Why is this night no different from other nights?”

It will be different next year, as in accordance with the lunar cycle, 2014 will usher in the Year Of The Goose. Not so much meat on a goose, so most families will dispose of their cultural duty in a couple of meals and the cat can have the rest. Still, with it being the Year Of The Goose, and all, girls in tight jeans will want to be a little careful in the Canadian bars around chucking-out time.

Back to this year. To help you celebrate the holidays ( Traditionally a two-week period in Canada, with the exception of Vancouver and Winnipeg. ) we at the shop, that is Timmins and me, have decided to offer a free Canadian joke to all visitors from the old country. I have a good one involving John Diefenbaker and two Dukhobors and Mike can read you the scores for the Toronto Maple Leafs. Either way you are guaranteed a laugh.

On a serious note, have you considered buying a Lowepro camera bag? They are popular in Canada and are really a very good way to tote your camera gear, maple syrup, Moosehead lager, and seal club whenever you are out on the road. And we have a lot of them because the delivery came in yesterday. Before the pile shifts and buries the storeman, come down here and save us.

 And remember – ” I’ll be darned, eh? “


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