You Shoot Two Shoot


You Shoot Two Shoot

The Nice Lady from Shoot Photography Workshops has dropped in a schedule for their upcoming affairs and you might like to get your skates on for the next two.

Sunday the 11th of November, which is coming up the end of this week – is a session of groping with Greg. Greg Hocking will be showing how to pursue low-light photographs in his ‘Night Vision’ landscape course. This is hands-on and eyes open and will extend into the darkness so that you can see what he does and how you can do it too. Remember Greg is REALLY one of the masters and has the awards to prove it.

Wednesday the 14th of November is devoted to a DSLR course from the boss – Simon Cowling – himself and it looks from his write-up to be ideal for people who have just purchased a set of DSLR gear but are unsure as to how to start with it – and how to get the best from it. I think he will be covering all aspects from settings, exposures,balances, and processing, but you won’t be doing it all in one mad rush – it is a course that runs in 4 sessions.

Contact Simon, or the Nice Lady through the website at:

These are two good quick ideas – there’s thee more between now and the 2nd of December and I’ll blog them later

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