Uncle Dick’s Workshop – Friday 19


Uncle Dick’s Workshop – Friday 19

Every Friday at 10:00AM – we will be bringing you the sort of cutting-edge expertise that leaves ragged bits and sore fingers – Uncle Dick’s Workshop. The advice is free – free from good sense in most instances….It really cranks up around the first of April.

Q:      When you hold seminars at the Zoo do you get to go close-up to the animals?

A:      Yes. Everyone gets ready and we toss one of the staff into the tiger cage. This year it was Saul. The tiger tossed him back. Them tigers know….

Q:      In the final analysis, which camera manufacturer makes the best product?

A:      It appears to be a toss-up between Linhof and Halina. We eagerly await announcements their 2012 product line-ups.

Q:      How does one obtain photographic products from Switzerland?

A:      Based upon our experience with a number of manufacturers, you basically yodel up a valley.

Q:      What do they do with the old 616, 116, 828, 110, 126, and APS cameras these days?

A:      They send them as ballast in ships sailing back to Rochester, NY.

Q:      Why should I buy a camera now when there will be a new one coming out next month?

A:      You know that family party in a week? The one with everybody together at last and then they go away again? The world is like that all the time. You miss out, you miss out – the world won’t wind back for you. Buy the camera now.

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