Can you find ME


Can you find ME

If I were a new Fuji X 10 compact camera, and I knew that I was about to be mobbed by a crowd of photographic enthusiasts – where would I hide?

I’d hide at Camera Electronic, 230 Stirling Street, Perth – in the yellow cabinet in the center of the shop, down on the lower right side, where nobody would ever find me.

Mind you, if they did find me they would buy me in an instant – it’s my cool retro look, my metal-body build quality, my 28-112mm equivalent lens, and my big LCD screen. They’d take me everywhere as I am small enough to fit in a pocket. They’d show me off to all their mates who are still using compact cameras that do not have optical finders – bit of jealousy there as I can take pictures in bright sunlight without whiting out in the glare.

Don’t get me wrong – I love taking pictures on my SD card and I’m not afraid of rough treatment – I have a decent–sized hand grip and a real lens ring that they could turn to zoom. My focusing is fast and precise on auto or manual and I could peer down as close as 1cm on super macro if they were curious about the tiny world.

I suppose I must resign myself to being sold for $ 699 and going off to all the holidays and family parties and trips overseas. Oh, dear, the numbers of pictures of grinning relatives that are going to go through my processor….but they’ll have to look smart about it. Christmas is coming and all my brothers and I will fly out the door – but for the time being I’m just going to lurk in the yellow cabinet and hide behind my cool black metal lens cap.

You can order online from: or come in-store for a hands on demonstration.

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