Zeiss to Release Lens Kit in Custom Waterproof Case, for Cine and Photo


Zeiss to Release Lens Kit in Custom Waterproof Case, for Cine and Photo

Zeiss has announced it plans to market a lens kit bundle with custom waterproof hard case, something along the lines of the old Cine kits that movie directors would be accustomed to.    

As Hi Def video becomes more and more a standard feature on digital SLR cameras the need for high quality lenses with a traditional manual focus operation has taken off.  Focus pulls and pre focusing is infinitely more difficult with AF lenses which simply don’t have that silky smooth and precise manual focus feel of the Zeiss counterparts.

Zeiss is marketing this lens kit as a Cine solution for pro shooters with five lenses they believe are the most popular for this application.  The lens line up that they are to bundle together looks to be (at this stage!) the Distagon 21mm f2.8,  Distagon 28mm f2, Distagon 35mm f2, Planar 50mm f1.4 and Planar 85mm f1.4

Pricing is not entirely clear at the moment but it looks as though buyers will get some big savings if buying the whole kit together rather than the five lenses individually.  If your interested please get in touch and we can we can see what we can sort out in terms of pricing and availability.

Lenses will be available in either ZF.2 for Nikon and ZE for Canon EF mount.   

Lenses will be supplied with specific and adjustable dividers to keep lenses safe from shock and vibration.
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