Ricoh, Compacts with Professional Features.


Ricoh, Compacts with Professional Features.

We have a large range of the fantastic compacts from Ricoh. All showcasing outstanding build quality with some innovative ideas too. Take the GR Digital III for the first example. It is a compact yet robust camera with an exceptional 28mm equivalent f1.9 lens on it. Perfect for candid and street photography with fast and silent operation. Small enough to fit in your pocket but with enough image quality and manual control to be taken seriously. Have a browse through the GR Digital III Flickr photo pool to see some of the great images people are capturing with this camera. The black and whites are particularly good.

You can read a thorough review and view sample shots at Photography Blog.

Now the GR-Digital III is an updated version of a classic camera format, while the Ricoh GXR is something completely new. It’s an, unique to todays market, interchangable lens unit camera. Not just interchangable lens, but the whole imaging system changes. The lens’s are a sealed unit containing the sensor, shutter, aperture and image processing engine. The big advantage with a system like this is that the one camera body becomes so versatile. You can attach the A12 prime lens unit and you have a great quality APS-C sized sensor on a 50mm equivalent f2.5 lens. Or you can switch it up for the S10 zoom unit which turns the camera into a compact with a 24-70 equivalent f2.5-4.4 zoom lens. So you can choose between compactness with zoom or highest quality with low light capability in one camera. For an in depth review visit With GXR Flickr photo pool being worth a look too.

Also stocking all the other great Ricoh compacts like the GX200, CX2 and R10.

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