New Canon Lenses in for Demo/Rental Today.


New Canon Lenses in for Demo/Rental Today.

A couple of marvelous new lenses came in today. Both of them are now available for hire, in store demo’s or purchase. The first lovely piece of glass is a big one. It’s the Canon EF 400mm f/2.8L IS USM. What a marvelous view it provides, perfect for sports, wildlife and bird photography. Staff member Andrew Wells took it out the front to shoot a few test shots showing off the short depth of field it can provide.
 Here we can see a delivery truck driving up the street.
Oh and over here we can see some lovely green leaves on a tree outside our shop.
Andrew was quick enough to snap a photo of me taking the shop penguin for a walk. Penguins don’t walk themselves you know.
Here is a link to the Canon website which has some useful info about this lens.
Also check out Flickr to see other photos people have shot with this lens.
The other interesting lens that came in is the Canon TS-E 17mm f/4L. This tilt shift lens is perfect for architecture photography and is great for manipulating depth of field and perspectives. Staff member Sam Perejuan went for a short stroll out the front and shot a few quick photos to demonstrate perspective manipulation and depth of field tweaking. To get the best effect it is advised to use a tripod to keep the camera steady whilst making fine adjustments, however Sam shot hand held to quickly demonstrate the effects and get back inside to serve some more customers.
This is a photo without any tilt/shift used for perspective correction.

Here is a photo taken from the exact same position with perspective correction adjustments. Of course if this was shot on a tripod you could fine tune it to get all the lines perfectly straight, however this is a great shot for hand held.

This is without any depth of field manipulation.

Here is the same shot but with the depth of field manipulated to create some interesting out of focus areas. You can use this technique to help keep everything in focus as well as create shorter depth of field when desired.
Here is a link to the Canon site for some more info. Also check out Flickr to see what others have been using this lens for.
Do come in to the store for a look and to hire or buy these unique lenses.
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  • Anonymous
    Posted at 01:36h, 26 February

    I absolutely love the 17mm tilt shift photos, is the photographer available for any events?

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