Guess Who Has a Used Hasselblad 30mm Fisheye in Stock!


Guess Who Has a Used Hasselblad 30mm Fisheye in Stock!

We do of course. Everyday this thing catches my eye in the window and I wonder why has nobody purchased it yet? I have spent many days and nights dreaming of owning such a lens. This has been a staple in professional skateboard photographers bags ever since Atiba Jefferson started using Hasselblad film cameras to capture skateboarding in the 90’s. Capturing 180 degrees field of view across the diagonal with all the detail of shooting medium format film allows for some breathtaking action shots and amazingly detailed landscapes capturing the entire horizon with sharp detail. These days digital backs are getting cheaper and performing better and better. I have a feeling it won’t be long before these manual focus lenses, that nobody seems to want these days, will be highly sought after to put on digital backs. Give me a call at the shop on 08 9328 4405 if your interested in this rare lens.

Check out Australian photographer Steve Gourlay’s website for some images. There is many great photos shot on film using a Hasselblad 30mm fisheye.

Here is a cover of Thrasher  Magazine shot using a Hasselblad 30mm.

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